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Eternal Abundance: Van Hot Chocolate Fest

This year marks the 8th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival in Vancouver, as well as my first year attending! Deciding on a café was a difficult task because there are 35 locations participating and 75 flavours to choose from. I’m by no means a hot chocolate connoisseur, but I know that I love caramel. So naturally, when I saw “caramel” on the list, I was sold. I went to Eternal Abundance Organic Market & Café on Commercial Drive to try out the “Turtle Hot Chocolate” which is both organic and vegan. It was a caramel hot chocolate with coconut whip, caramel drizzle, and pecan. It also came with a turtle chocolate on the side.

The hot chocolate was rich and creamy, and the coconut whip and crushed pieces of pecan on top were a nice touch. However, it had a dark chocolate flavour to it that I wasn’t a huge fan of. The caramel flavour was subtle and not very noticeable. I would recommend this hot chocolate if you’re a fan of dark chocolate and coconut. If you’re looking for something with a more distinct caramel flavour, then I would probably pass on this one. The festival runs from January 20th– February 14th (dates vary by location) which means there are two days left if you’re interested in checking out! Comment below if you have any experiences or recommendations to share!

– J

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